Aluma Films Productions was founded in 2007 by Nurit Jacobs-Yinon, an independent film director and producer.
The company specializes in the production of documentary films, video art and made to order films.

Nurit Jacobs-Yinon is an independent film director and producer.  She has been making movies since 1999 and founded Aluma Film Productions in 2007. 

Nurit is producing and directing the documentary film “Safaa – A Cinematic Portrait”, with the support of The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV. The film was developed within the framework of the Greenhouse Euromed Audiovisual program for developing Mediterranean filmmakers supported by the E.U date,
Nurit’s films have focused on women, on the relation between the spiritual and the worldly, the physical and metaphysical. The link between form and content is also explored in terms of style and cinematic language, with an emphasis on aesthetics, not only in her video art but in her documentary films as well.
"I grew up in an orthodox Jewish family and raise my three children in accordance with religious teachings. In order to concentrate my loving efforts both on filmmaking and raising my children, I situated Aluma Films in the attic of my home in Shoham.
I was always attracted to poetry and art, beauty and aesthetics. My cinema deals in dramatic issues that explore worlds both near and far, and are always colored with a personal touch and outlook, which are my way of sounding my voice in the world. My protagonists are women whose power is derived from their inner strength, as opposed to external stereotypes. A Jewish mother attending the ritual circumcision of her son, an Arab woman determined to bring cinema to the Arab Israeli society, a Chassidic poet who writes the secular Kaddish, the mourner’s prayer, for Holocaust Remembrance day.
From conception, through research, filming and editing, I regard the strenuous process of filmmaking as no less than a miracle. My films come from love.”

For over 10 years Nurit has been teaching children and adults, and lecturing in formal, informal and academic frameworks. Some lectures revolve around one specific film while others are comprised of several films that focus on one subject. Nurit has taught and lectured in every part of the country. Her lectures are customized to suit her target audience and time constraints.